When we came up with the idea of Medley Meadow we thought this will be easy to create, we had no idea just how hard it would be!

We found 15 acres of meadows that had been farmed organically with Soil Association certification for many years, the variety of plants and flowers we saw in the meadows meant we had to conserve them. To allow us to fund preserving the meadows we decided to start a glamping business in the meadows and allow other people to enjoy them as well. 

clearing invasive plants and fences

The plan was to restore the land to wildflower meadows with wetland areas and ponds with wooded borders. 


We knew we wanted to use all indigenous local seeds, everything had to be organic, and we wouldn't use pesticides.


Other than that, we didn't know where to start so we asked for help from the local charity Monmouthshire Meadows Group.

​They came and helped remove invasive plants and we started the task of removing tonnes of fencing.

recreating our wetlands

The meadows would naturally have had ponds and wetland areas.


One of our biggest tasks was to recreate these.

We worked with the charity Habitat Aid to restore natural wetland plants and animals.


We're very happy to say we now have eels, water voles, a resident heron and often see the beautiful flash of a kingfisher. 


In March & April 2018 we, along with help from our friends, planted over 2200 trees on the edges of the meadows. 

We worked with the Woodland Trust to create wildlife corridors so animals can move around the meadows and small copse areas.

All the trees we planted are traditional Monmouthshire trees and are already starting to look amazing.  


Creating our safari tents was one of our biggest tasks. We had done it before in Africa, but we knew this time they had to be perfect for Monmouthshire. 

We employed  local crafts people where possible and  yet again friends and family came to help us get things finished. 

It’s been a mammoth task, but we can honestly say we think each of them is perfect. We hope you do too. 

Restoring our train wagon

One of our final jobs was to create our office. 

There was an old train good wagon dumped on the land in the 1960's when the local railway closed. Some local people remember it being amongst other things, a sheep shed, wood store and home for a farm worker over the years.


When we arrived, it was in danger of falling apart. 


We needed an office, reception area & shop to sell local produce so rather than build a new one we set about restoring the wagon. 

When you check in you will see it is now in its original Great Western Railway green and with its wagon numbers preserved. 

It also proudly boasts our opening plaque.

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