A festival style wedding in the meadows is a truly unique celebration


Getting married in the meadows is a truly unique experience. 


We turn all of  the meadows into your wedding venue for the entire weekend. Transforming your "I do" from an hour  to a full weekend you,  your friends and family will never forget.


We help make your wedding a real event for family & friends. We work with caterers, marquee companies , bands and entertainers to create the wedding of your dreams, whether that's a country fete style or a festival wedding. 

We work with you to make your day, it is your day after all, but our suggestion is to start with a full weekend wedding. This is the most fun and memorable. We work with a marquee supplier and set up two: a large one for the evening function and a smaller one for the bar and afternoon. We position them either side of the secluded meadow by the stream. They frame the bales laid out to be your pews  underneath a 400-year-old oak tree.


We suggest your guests arrive on Friday afternoon, the guests of honour stay in the glamping units and everyone pitches their own tents in the meadow around the pond festival style.  After getting settled in your guests start the fire for a BBQ in the meadows by the stream. Saturday morning starts with breakfast cooked al-fresco before your big day starts.

The wedding couple return from the legal service to their guests in the meadows for their ceremonial wedding and celebrations.

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bales instead of pews

bales instead of pews