From Africa to wales 

Medley Meadow is set in the beautiful rolling Monmouthshire countryside but the idea was born in Africa. 

The idea of preserving the countryside and wildlife at home, back in the UK, came whilst sat on the bank of the Zambezi River in Zambia. We have been working with conservation in Africa for many years and working with the land to bring people in to see and experience it. Tourism funds conservation.We, Mark & Andy,  love Africa, and still spend a lot of time, but we had a longing for home.

Our business in Africa was started by Chris, Andy’s brother, and Andy. Amongst many other things we spent many years in Zambia setting up safari tents on the banks of the Zambezi. Making sure that the tents were low impact on the environment, because, well, the environment was the reason we were there in the first place. We worked out how to use limited amounts of water because there just wasn’t much there to use & how to use less electricity & produce no waste because there wasn’t just no weekly rubbish collection, there wasn’t one at all. At one stage we even had a water wheel, powered by the Zambezi river, generating electricity!

So one day whilst sitting on the bank of the Zambezi, we had a thought, we can do this at home.

We then spent just over 2 years travelling the UK looking for the perfect location. This search finally brought us to Monmouthshire and to Medley Meadow. 10 acres of organic meadow land bordered by a brook with views across the Brecon Beacons one way and the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean in the other. It was important to us to have meadows that were organic, as well as being packed with cornflowers, poppies and other flowers we want little feet to run around safely.

We think our two year search was worth it, we think that Medley Meadow is the perfect combination of peace, tranquillity, beautiful views, there is a national park on the doorstep and yet is within 2 hours of the M25.



We bought Medley Meadows back in 2016 and rather than rush in to opening we wanted to take our time and get it right.

Your holiday has to be perfect so we have to be perfect.

We named Medley Meadows after the ruins of an old cottage we found on the site. Tracing the history of the ruins in the archives we discovered its name, Medley Cottage and that it had a very famous previous owner. None other than Benjamin Hall, made famous by the bell he commissioned for the houses of parliament and that was named after him, Big Ben! 

We’ve worked with various conservation groups to enhance wildlife and our local meadows conservation charity to enhance the wild flowers in the fields.  So far, and we’ve removed tons of fencing and barbed wire to allow wildlife to move freely through the meadows. Its amazing just how much fence and wire the average field has on it. We’ve restored wetland areas and created a swimming pond and are setting up owl boxes in our oak trees.

Along with the Woodland Trust, and with the help of people from the local village we have planted over 2300 trees on the land.

There is always more to do and you staying with us allows us to do it. 


We like to think Medley Meadow is perfect, we hope you do as well.

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Mark sitting by the Luangwa River

Mark contemplating the idea to conserve wildlife in the UK as well as Africa.