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Looking after the meadows

The idea behind Medley Meadow is to create a natural conservation area which can be enjoyed by our wildlife as well as our guests. The site is set in 9 acres of natural meadows and woodland glades. Through re-wilding, the meadows have been restored with the help of Habitat Aid and The Woodland Trust.


Over 2200 trees have been planted as well as the creation of a natural wetland habitat. All the trees are indigenous to Monmouthshire and wildlife corridors help our animals move around the meadows.

We strongly believe in doing everything as environmentally friendly as possible. We’re trying our best and are learning all the time. We love our visitors to give us advice and suggestions on how we can improve.

Our trees

We have many tree species in the meadows carefully planted with the help of The Woodland Trust. We have hazel, oak, ash, alder, thorn, cherry and many more. Our tents are named after them. We love our great oak - over 350 years old. It makes a great picnic spot.

Image by Jeremy Hynes

Our animals

Many animals have made the meadows their home. We have foxes, badgers, polecats, water voles, rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs. We're very proud to have water voles. They've been in decline, but thanks to habitats like ours, they're making a comeback.

Our birds

In the sky you'll see buzzards and red kites. One of our buzzards has a tail feather missing so he's easy to spot. You may also meet our resident magpie. Born in the meadows in 2019, he is very tame. He visits you while you're sat on the deck. We also have kingfishers and herons in our wetland habitat.

Image by David Adams
Image by Noah Buscher

Our ethos

We love looking after the meadows. We hope the little things we do help. We use eco friendly products, refill to reduce waste, recycle all we can, upcycle what we can, and reuse materials to make what we can. We use a biodigester for waste and source local products and services.

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