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What's included

This is an overview of what's included. We like to make your stay as comfortable and as convenient as possible so we've tried to think of everything as well as adding in a few extra little luxuries.

Living & sleeping

We provide all bedding. Beautiful linen bedding with cosy blankets which are lovely and toasty for sitting around the fire pits. You'll also have plenty of electric lights and sockets so don't worry about bringing a portable charger.

Washing & bathroom

Each unit has a private bathroom with a flushing toilet, basin and hot shower. We provide loo roll and towels and throw in a few other complimentary bits and pieces for you to freshen up after a day out in the wilderness.

Cook, eat & drink

You'll find a fridge with freezer and all the utensils, crockery and cutlery you'll need to cook, eat and drink. We also provide a barbecue set for cooking on the fire pits and a picnic set for venturing out and exploring the meadows.

Heating & fires

Kindling and fire lighters are free and we provide a complimentary bag of logs. More bags are available to purchase on site but don't worry, we only charge the cost price. You'll also have electric heaters for that extra bit of warmth.

What to bring

You really just need to bring yourselves and a sense of adventure but here as some ideas so you can make the most of the surroundings.

A torch

All our units have indoor and outdoor electric lights and a few candles and lanterns, but to truly explore the meadows at night a torch is a great way to spot the wildlife, particularly the thousands of tiny little eel eyes in or pond.


We are in Britain after all! If you want to explore what Monmouthshire really has to offer, some waterproofs are a great shout. Especially if you want to do a bit of hillwalking - it can be hot and sunny in the meadows and remarkably changeable at the summit of the Welsh hills.

Matches or lighter

We do supply these, but they are the sort of thing that easily go missing and lighters can often stop working for no reason at all. It's always handy to have a backup. We will always be on hand to get you a spare if need be but it's nice to be prepared just in case.

Warm clothes

You'll be nice and toasty inside, especially in spring and summer. When the weather gets colder it's a good idea to have some cosy and warm layers so you can really make the most of the great outdoors. Maybe a nice wooly hat too.

Sturdy footwear

A good pair of walking boots, wellies or decent walking shoes are a great idea. They'll give you the freedom to have lots of adventures. There are paths cut into the grass around the meadows, but why not have a good rummage around in the wilderness.

Food & drink

We leave olive oil, salt & pepper and tea bags to get you started. There are plenty of supermarkets and shops nearby but if you want to arrive, chill out and not worry about doing a shop, it's a good idea to bring a few things with you. Then again, we have so many amazing pubs nearby it's not a deal breaker.

Getting here

As our post code is new we suggest you check the destination map on your sat nav before setting off. If your sat nav doesn't pick up our location, the post code for our village is NP7 9DY. If you drive up the hill from the bottom of the village we are about half a mile up on the left, just as you reach the brow of the hill. Look out for the green, wooden barn type building - this is the beekeeper association place next door.

Google maps

If you type "Medley Meadow" into Google Maps, the pin is exactly where we are.

Our address

Medley Meadow

Llanover Road

Llanvair Kilgeddin






Medley Meadow, Llanover Road, Llanvair Kilgeddin, Monmouthshire NP7 9DZ

tel: 07719 477705


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